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2016,TOMORROW is hiring!

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We are a Swedish creative agency with our Shanghai office in the cozy Ferguson Lane area. After you’ve had a coffee downstairs at French bakery Farine, we invite you to come upstairs and help us create the brands of tomorrow. Our story We started TOMORROW with a simple but compelling question: where do you want to be tomorrow? The answer requires as much insight as foresight, as much strategic thinking as creativity and an equal amount of power from your left and right brain. Although we strongly believe knowing where you want to be tomorrow is the first step in…

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The Idea That Branding and Sales are Mutually Exclusive is Flawed

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At Tomorrow we like to challenge the notion that branding is mysterious, expensive, long-term and can only be done by global consumer brands with deep pockets. My favorite remark in a meeting is therefore “We don’t have the money to invest in a branding campaign, we need to focus on sales campaigns”. This remark is often made because it is assumed that branding campaigns go at the expense of sales campaigns. But the idea that branding and sales are mutually exclusive is flawed. Here’s why: Sales campaigns are often focused on attention (Look at us! New product! Discount! Buy now!). …

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Why the West will fall in love with Chinese brands

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Global public opinion about China is now more positive, than negative. (55% of those polled in 40 countries hold a favourable view of China, according to a recent Pew report) This is ground breaking. And so much more important then any news about China’s economic ups and downs. Here’s why: In the 18th century, the Brits and other trading nations fell in love with exotic Chinese goods and arts. The Chinese designs were not always considered beautiful, or even understood, but their exoticness was enough to make them attractive. In other words, it was the provenance (where something comes from)…

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Intellecta Launches Brand Co-creation Agency TOMORROW in China

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Swedish communications group Intellecta launches brand co-creation agency TOMORROW to further strengthen its presence in the Chinese market. Intellecta has been active in the Chinese market since 2009 primarily through the branding agency Rewir. TOMORROW is built and expanded from the existing team and client base of Rewir. Rogier Bikker, previously Managing Director at Rewir, has been appointed CEO China at TOMORROW. The management team consists of Creative Director Jesper Larsson, Account Director Christina Tse and New Business Director Jin Fang. The agency aims to make branding easy and inspiring for teams across China by working on a collaborative level…

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Are You The Art Director Of Tomorrow?

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We are a global brand agency with our Shanghai office in the cozy Ferguson Lane area. After you’ve had a nice coffee downstairs at French bakery Farine, we invite you to come upstairs and help us co-create the brands of tomorrow. We’re already great at brand strategy and creative concepts but need your help to visualize our ideas and also help our clients look good using your design skills. In return we offer you a salary while you create and have fun together with us.     We believe that tomorrow is always a better day. This optimism is what makes us,…

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How I got called ‘stupid’ in a job interview but got hired minutes later

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A month ago, I flew to Shanghai, the city I’ve called ‘home’ for the past five years. My plan was to work freelance for a couple months, and then travel again, as I’ve been doing for the past months. But things turned out different, as I just joined Rewir (update: now called TOMORROW), a strategic brand consultancy from Sweden and part of the stock market listed Intellecta Group, as Managing Director China. This is how I unexpectedly landed the job, despite being called ‘stupid’ in the job interview: After spending time with family in Holland and a couple of weeks…

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